Whether it’s at your home, property or business, long driveways, receiving guests, and inclement weather can be inconvenient and downright annoying. If you regularly receive deliveries or just enter and exit your property multiple times a day, getting in and out of your vehicle to open and close gates becomes irritating. More than this, it poses a security risk. Forgetting to shut a gate behind you or a faulty latch can leave your property exposed and risk theft of property or livestock.

So, are automatic gates worth it at your property? What kind of gates are suitable for automation, and how do you make an automatic gate? Let’s take a closer look.

How to make an automatic gate

While it might seem like a high-tech and overly involved process, it’s actually a fairly straightforward process to make a gate automatic. While all automatic gate types are slightly different, the steps to automate a gate are broadly the same.

  1. Check the gate has smooth movement on its hinges. 
  2. Install the brackets to the gate posts.
  3. Mount the gate opening arm. This attaches to the previously installed bracket.
  4. Mount the control box and connect to a power source before adding a remote to the control system. Your gate will be controlled and opened with the FOB or remote button.
  5. Start enjoying your automatic gate!

Many modern automatic swing gate openers come with online installation manuals, so it’s easy to get a detailed rundown of the right process before you get started. They’ll also help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter during the process.

What kind of automatic gates are there?

There are a number of automatic gate styles you can choose from to suit your home, business, or the boundary of your property. Some of these types of automatic gates include:

When it comes to power sources, automatic gates can run both off electric power and solar power, depending on your preference. For the super keen DIYer, you can also build your own custom kit, making sure you have all the elements of your automatic gate exactly how you want them.

Can any gate be automated?

With so many options available, almost any gate can be automated, provided that it is in good working condition, sturdy and has a stable opening and closing movement. If you’re not sure whether your gate is the right candidate for automation, the team at Gatomate can help. We have plenty of experience in gate automation openers and accessories and can give you the best advice for your situation. Get in touch with us for more information about automating your gate.

Are automatic gates worth it?

If you often enter or exit your property, have to leave home in the early hours or late at night when vision is low, or need to secure your belongings, business or livestock, automatic gates are worth it. Not only do they secure your property and make it more convenient to enter and exit your home, but they can be easily fitted into existing infrastructure. This makes them an affordable way to up the security of your home or property and gives you total peace of mind. Shop the full collection of automatic gates today and discover the simple way you can protect your property.