Whether you’re after more privacy on your property or looking to treat your home to a flashy new feature, installing an automatic gate is a great way to go. Automatic gates provide easy access to your property as you come and go and keep valuables safe and sound.

There are two main types of automatic gates — swing gates and sliding gates. Both have perks and drawbacks, so it's essential to choose the right one for your needs. In this blog, we'll explain the difference between swing gates and sliding gates and what you need to consider before purchasing an automatic gate.

Swing gate vs. sliding gate — what’s the difference?

While both swing and sliding gates have similar features, there are key differences. To keep things simple, we’ll explain the difference between swing gates and sliding gates and jot down the benefits of each.

Swing gates

As the name suggests, a swing gate moves like a door and swings inwards/outwards toward your home/road. These are popular among homeowners as they are often cheaper and easier to maintain. You might opt for a swing gate if you live on a larger property, as you won’t have to wait for the doors to fully open to enter.

Other benefits of installing an automatic swing gate include:

  • Provides a welcoming feeling — As the doors open inwards/outwards, this promotes a welcoming environment for guests entering your driveway.

  • Silent and smooth operation — Swing gates tend to be quieter when they open and close — great for you and your neighbours!

  • Minimal materials needed — Swing gates don’t require installing concrete or steel beams, saving you the headache of having extra construction around your home.

  • Available as single or double doors — Opting for a swing gate means you’ll have your pick between single or double doors, which refers to the number of doors that swing inward.

  • Suitable for all home types — Whether you have a period or modern home, swing gates complement many building types.

  • Sliding gates

    By contrast, a sliding gate sits on wheels and slides to one side. Homeowners in suburban areas that don’t have much land tend to opt for automatic sliding gates. Other benefits of sliding gates include:

  • Provides a classic look — These gates slide to the left or right and give a more elegant movement, which may be an added perk depending on your taste.

  • Energy-efficient — Sliding gates use a simple motoring system and therefore require less energy to run — a worthy consideration if you’re trying to reduce your energy consumption.

  • Better equipped to deal with windy days — A sliding gate may be the better option if you live in an area that often experiences intense wind. Swing gates might not be able to cope with extreme winds.

  • How to find the right automatic gate option for your home

    Between swing vs sliding gates, finding the right option for your home will come down to personal preference, taste and the needs of your home.

    For instance, if security and aesthetics are your top priority and you have minimal space to secure, a sliding gate could be the way to go. But a swing gate could be the better choice if you're on a budget or more concerned with having quick and easy access to your property.

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