If you’ve ever gazed longingly at a neighbour who’s able to stay warm and dry in their car while opening their front gate, you might have wondered what the process is to install one yourself. And the good news is that it’s actually simpler than you might think!

At Gatomate, we have years of experience in gate openers and accessories. Consider us your experts in how to install a sliding gate opener and all the questions that go along with it. Where does the motor go on a sliding gate? How can I fit an opener to my pre-existing gate? Read on to find the answers to all your questions.

Where does the motor go on a sliding gate?

Generally, the motor on a sliding gate goes below the guide bracket (gear rack) of the gate on the ground. To use a sliding gate opener, you’ll need a flat concrete surface onto which the motor unit can be fixed in place.

How to install sliding gate opener yourself

The process of installing a sliding gate opener on your own is a straightforward process. While every gate is slightly different, you'll need to follow a general order of operations to make sure your DIY gate opener installation is successful. With a little preparation and a systematic approach, you’ll have your gate opening and closing automatically in no time.

Let’s break down the basic steps!

  • Prepare your gate — If you already have a gate fitted in place, you’ll need to check that it’s in good condition, sturdy, and has a smooth, stable opening and closing mechanism. If there isn’t a gate currently installed, bear in mind that a sliding gate needs extra width (generally about 300mm) to operate on an automated mechanism. If you don’t have this extra width, a swing gate may be a better option.

  • Prepare the space for installation — In order to make sure your gate is secure in the long term and can move freely, you need a straight surface for your gate. At this point, it’s also crucial to ensure your gate posts are firmly embedded in the ground, with a proper foundation and to a proper depth. At this point, you will also affix the motor unit onto the prepared surface.

  • Lay your gate track and gear rack — Your strong nylon gear rack will now be installed to ensure soundless gate movement. If required, you’ll also lay down your gate track on the ground, mapping out the trajectory of the gate.

  • Connect your AC or solar power to the gate operator — Whether your opener is operated by solar power or electrical current, now’s the time to connect it, and check that your gate opens without any gaps.

  • Enjoy your new, convenient gate opener! — Once the power is connected, you’re ready to go! Start having fun with your remote controller, or set up your mobile phone to control the gate mechanism, and enjoy your safer, more convenient gate. 

  • What can I do if I have trouble with installing my sliding gate opener?

    If you hit a snag during the installation process, don’t worry! All of Gatomate’s sliding gate openers come with an easy to follow online instruction manual and guide, which takes you through each step in detail for a seamless installation process. Shop the whole collection of automatic gate openers from Gatomate today!